The Causes Of Roof Discoloration & How An Expert Roofer Can Help


Over time, it’s no wonder that your roof experience streaks & stains. If you’re not sure why your roof has developed these hideous discolorations, then this post is for you. Keep reading till the end to know what the causes of your roof discoloration are and how a professional roof repair service in Orange County, CA can help.

What Are The Causes?

Well, black streaks & stains that build up an asphalt shingles are sourced by a mold known as Gloeocapsa Magma, or GM. This is a kind of microorganism that nourishes through photosynthesis & feed on the limestone filler employed to produce asphalt shingles. You must be pondering why you never seen this kind of roof discoloration while growing up. Well, the reason behind this is that asphalt shingles once composed from asphalt and felt. But at present, this roofing material is made employing limestone & fiberglass, which lets the mold to flourish. The discoloration usually builds up on east & north facing sides of your roof because the Gloeocapsa Magma relishes cool & shady areas.


What Are The Risk?

There’s no consensus concerning the damage that Gloeocapsa Magma may bring to your roof. Due to this, it’s usually considered an aesthetic issue. This photosynthesizing mold develops roots that cover around the particles of the shingles, making it tough to remove. Because scrubbing & aggressive cleaning may dent your roof, professional cleaning is always recommended. Discoloration may also be a consequence of moss build up, which can really reduce the life of your roof, hence must be removed as soon as possible.


If you’re planning to clean your roof yourself, then take into account some reasons why it’s wise to hire a professional roof repair in Orange County, CA. First, employing a pressure washer or identical tool on some kinds of roof may dent the shingles & deteriorate the condition of your roofing. Second, working on a roof can be rather risky & may guide to life threatening falls. This is why the ideal way to deal with a stained roof is to appoint an expert roofer. These professionals have the expertise and advanced tools required to clean your roof shingles safely & properly.


For any type of repair or roof recycling service in Orange County, CA you can depend on Tile Magic. We will restore and renew the color of your roof for a fraction of the cost of a new roof. To schedule a roof repair service from us, feel free to call us on 714-709-7710.



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